MyGatorTECH - Remote Technical Support Services

The IT team would like to introduce you to the "MyGatorTECH" remote technical support services to our faculty and staff.  With MyGatorTECH, our team can remotely connect to any Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux desktop or laptop, whether they are on campus or at one of our service center.  IT has teamed up with TeamViewer to help us better serve our faculty and staff.  While our online HelpDesk should be the primary means of receiving assistance, there are times when access to your computer is vital in troubleshooting a given issue.  MyGatorTECH will improve the IT team's response times because they no longer have to drive to each campus for minor support issues.  MyGatorTECH uses a turnkey, one-click method to initiate a remote support session to resolve most issues remotely.

NOTICE:  This service is only available to NTCC faculty and staff computers.  No, personal computers or students computers will be supported.

MyGatorTECH Features:

  • Desktop support personnel can only access your machine with your permission
  • Support for all clients - Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • Works anywhere as long as you have an internet connection
  • No installation required.  Just download & run

Getting Connected:

1.  If asked by an NTCC IT Technician, please click on the "myGatorTECH" icon below to download TeamViewer or Click Here.


2.  When the downloadd is complete, double-click on it to start TeamViewer.  


3.  Select "Run" from the pop-up Window


4.  A window similar to the one below should open indicating the remote control ID and password for the session.


5.  Provide the technician with Your ID and the one-time generated Password.

6,  The technician will establish a secure connection to your machine in order to assist you.

7.  You can terminate the remote support session by clicking on the white "X".




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