Sullivan Campus Directory

Blappert, Gerald Facility and Property Control Manager 985-732-6640 x136
Boyles, Norman Maintenance 985-732-6640
Brown, Chiietra Restricted Funds Accountant 985-732-6640 x162
Bruno, Debra Health Sciences Lead Instructor 985-732-6640 x125
Burson, Sally Administrative Assistant 985-732-6640 x110
Casanave, Louis Industrial Electrician Instructor 985-732-6640 x182
Castleberry, Kimberly Practical Nursing Instructor 985-732-6640 x124
Charrier, Sharon Purchasing 985-732-6640 x159
Chauvin, Marc Vice Chancellor of Finance & Adminstration 985-732-6640
Chauvin, Mindy Associate Director of Financial Aid 985-732-6640 x113
Corkern, Mark    RCC Building Technology Instructor - Rayburn Correctional 985-661-6305
Dickens, Sharon Business Office Systems Instructor 985-732-6640 x146
Dillman, Joanna Director of Human Resources 985-732-6640 x154
Ellzey, Lance    RCC Welding Instructor - Rayburn Correctional 985-661-6305
Fortenberry, Crystal Student Services 985-732-6640 x111
Graves, Phil Building Technology Instructor 985-732-6640 x134
Harrington, Patricia Practical Nursing Instructor 985-732-6640 x125
Harris, Eleanor HISET Instructor - Youthbuild 985-732-6873
Harris, Neal    RCC Automotive Instructor - Rayburn Correctional 985-661-6305
Hill, Crystal  Human Resources 985-732-6640 x155
Jarrell, Melissa Developmental Ed Instructor - Youthbuild 985-732-6873
Johnson, Carolyn Developmental Math Instructor 985-732-6640 x120
Keller, Margaret Director of Library Services 985-732-6640 x122
Keys, Danielle Youthbuild 985-732-6878
Killens, Lisa Fiscal 985-732-6640 x160
Lambert, P. Dwayne   Dean of Technical Studies 985-732-6640 x101
Lang, Beth Practical Nurse Instructor 985-732-6640 x164
Lee, Darriona Associate Director of Institutional Research 985-732-6640 x150
Lyons, Michele Dean of Health Science and Nursing 985-732-6640 x123
Maki, Galen HVAC Instuctor 985-732-6640 x135
Marvil, Cassandra Practical Nursing Instructor 985-732-6640 x125
Mizell, Tony Welding Instructor 985-732-6640 x131
Montgomery, Christy Vice Provost of Student Affairs 985-732-6640 x139
Moses, Kashanda  Post Secondary Coordinator - Youthbuild 985-732-6873
Moses, Keran Case Manager -  Youthbuild 985-732-6975
Mumphrey, Sheila Allied Health Instructor 985 732-6640 x142
Myrick, Myrna Administrative Coordinator 985-732-6640 x114
Ngo, Khiem e-Learning / Interim IT Director 985-318-0688
O'Ree, Michael YouthBuild 985-732-6879
Pigott, Loran Financial Analyst 985-732-6640 x167
Polk John Diesel Instructor 985-732-6640 x133
Roberts, Daniel Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs 985-732-6640
Scott, Kenneth Welding Instructor 985-732-6640 x131
Showers, Kim Director of Finance 985-732-6640 x161
Singletary, Shelia Vice Provost Assessment & Planning /
Dean of Campus Administration
985-732-6640 x145
Singley, Mike Diesel Instructor 985-732-6640 x148
Smith, Cynthia College and Career Transitions Coordinator 985-732-6640 x141
Smith, Owen Human Resources 985-732-6640 x156
St. Pierre, Shanda Practical Nursing Instructor 985-732-6640 x124
Stewart, Danny Purchasing Director 985-732-6640 x158
Sylvest, Telisa Developmental English/Math Instructor 985-732-6640 x144
Tinney, Tina Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives 985-893-7237
Wainwright, William Chancellor 985-732-6640
Walker, Daniel  Maintenance 985-732-6640
Warren, Stephanie Assistant Director of Student Affairs 985-732-6640 x130
Weary, Clifford Building Tech Instructor -  Youthbuild 985-732-6873
Wheeler, Margaret   Restricted Funds Accountant 985-732-6640 x163
Williams, Raymond Welding Instructor 985-732-6640 x131
Williams, Remy Information Technology Instructor 985-732-6640 x165
Winston, Wendy Building Trade instructor Assist & Americorp Coordinator 985-732-6873
Witkowski, Paul Machine Tool Technology Instructor 985 732 6640 x237
Yarbrough, Jerri Student Services 985-732-6640 x112
Zenon, Arlendra CDYC Instructor 985-732-6640 x143




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