Florida Parishes Campus Directory

Crippin, Phoebe Biology Instructor 225-222-4251
Curry, Stephen  Culinary Instructor 225-222-4251 x2159
Cutrer, Brittany Adult Ed Instructor 225-222-4251 x2147
Dunham, Kenneth PN Instructor 225-222-4281 x2121
Dunn, DeLisa PN Instructor/Program Director 225-222-4251 x2118
Durnin, Karly Business Office Administration Instructor 225-222-4251 x2148
Finch, Kim Registrar/Interim Campus Dean 225-222-4251 x2110
Fitzgerald, Brennan Veterinary Technology Program Director/Instructor 225-222-4251 x2119
Fradella, Cassie Veterinary Technology Instructor 225-222-4251 x2119
Gordon, Earline Custodian 225-222-4251
Guidry, Shawna Veterinary Technology Teacher Assistant 225-222-4251 x2119
Hodges, Jeffery MSHA Mine Safety Program Director/Instructor 225-222-4251 x2221
Ingles, Melissea PN Instructor 225-222-4251
Johnson, Takisha PN Instructor 225-222-4251 x2120
Jones, Lori Administrative Assistant 225-222-4251 x2107
Jones, W. Burke Student Affairs Officer/Assistant Dean 225-222-4251 x2169
Kinchen, Wallace Welding Instructor 225-222-4251 x2218
Konzelman, Randy Automotive Instructor 225-222-4251 x2204
Lawson, Lisa Financial Aid Counselor 225-222-4251 x2174
Lee, Joycelyn Pharmacy Technician Program Director/Instructor 225-222-4251 x2129
LeTard, Dana Admin/Student Affairs Office 225-222-4251 x2173
Lombardo, Nikki Career Coach and Transition Coordinator 225-276-1245 x2171
McElveen, Ginny Student Affairs/Records & Registration 225-222-4251 x2170
McNabb, Barry Welding Instructor 225-222-4251 x2218
Needham, Patricia PN Instructor 225-222-4251 x2117
Pate, Robert Electrical Instructor and Maintenance Supervisor 225-222-4251 x2204
Piner, Lisa College Algebra Instructor 225-222-4251
Robinson, Felicia  College English Instructor 225-222-4251
Rush, Rita Criminal Justice, Paralegal, and Dev English Instructor 225-222-4251 x2122
Sharkey, Robin Admin Assistant 225-222-4251 x2106
Simpson, Bethany Librarian 225-222-4251 x2146
Spears, L. Wayne Developmental Math Instructor 225-222-4251 x2127
Stewart, David Lineman Instructor 225-222-4251 x2204
Thompson, Amy  Pharmacy Technician Instructor 225-222-4251 x2129
Vance, Charley Speech Instructor 225-222-4251
Walker, Phyllis  MSHA Mine Safety Program 225-222-4251 x2221
Zenon, Arlendra CDYC Instructor 225-222-4251




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