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Registering for Courses at NTCC:

Northshore students can utilize the guides and resources below to help with course registration. If at anytime you need assistance, visit with a friendly staff member at one of our campuses in the Student Affairs office or email

Spring 2018 Registration Dates: 

Registration begins for the Spring 2018 semester on the following dates:

  • Thursday, October 19th: Veteran and Active Duty Priority Registration Period
  • Monday, October 23rd: Regular Registration Begins

How to Register for Courses in LoLA

View our quick video for an overview of how to register for courses through your LoLA account.

Registration Code Legend

When you search for courses through a basic search on LoLA, you will come across a search results screen which looks similar to this image below. You may find yourself a bit confused on what the codes in some of the search fields mean. Review our "code legend" below for a more clear description:

Campus Code (Cmp):

  • LA = Sullivan Campus (Bogalusa)
  • LB = Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg)
  • LC = Hammond Area Campus (Near Airport)
  • LF = Lacombe Campus
  • LI = Southeastern Instructional Center (Connect to Success)
  • LZ = NTCC Online


  • LAA = Sullivan Campus (Bogalusa) - Main Building
  • LBA = Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg) - Main Building
  • LCA = Hammond Area Campus - Main Building
  • LFA = Lacombe Campus - Main Building
  • LIOFF1 = SLU - North Campus - Main Building
  • LIOFF2 = Mandeville Location - Koop Dr



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