Programs of Study Overview

Programs of Study - Academic and Technical 
Northshore offers a variety of academic and technical programs that provide world-class training and the skills necessary to be competitive in today's workforce. From drafting and design to practical nursing, you're sure to find a program that will put you on the path to a successful career. For more information about our locations, view our Campuses & Centers webpage.
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  1. Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
    • Hammond Area Campus, Sullivan Campus (Bogalusa), Pearl River High School Instructional Service Center
  2. Automotive Technology
    • Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg), Hammond Area Campus, Rayburn Correctional Center
  3. Building Technology Specialist
    • Sullivan Campus (Bogalusa), Rayburn Correctional Center
  4. Business Office Administration
    • Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg), Sullivan Campus (Bogalusa), Southeastern Instructional Service Center (Hammond)
  5. Care and Development of Young Children
    • Hammond Area Campus, Sullivan Campus (Bogalusa)
  6. Criminal Justice
    • Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg), Lacombe Campus
  7. Culinary Arts & Occupations
    • Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg)
  8. Diesel Powered Equipment Technology
    • Sullivan Campus (Bogalusa)
  9. Drafting & Design Technology
    • Lacombe Campus
  10. Electrician: Industrial
    • Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg), Hammond Area Campus, Sullivan Campus (Bogalusa)
  11. Electric Line Technology
    • Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg)
  12. General Studies
    • Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg), Hammond Area Campus, Lacombe Campus, Sullivan Campus (Bogalusa), Southeastern Instructional Service Center (Hammond)
  13. Information Technology
    • Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg), Hammond Area Campus, Sullivan Campus (Bogalusa) 
  14. Journeyman Industrial Programs
    • Pipe Trade Instructional Service Center
  15. Machine Tool Technology
    • Hammond Area Campus, Sullivan Campus (Bogalusa)
  16. Maritime Technology Program
    • Lacombe Campus
  17. Medical Assistant
    • ​​Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg), Hammond Area Campus
  18. Patient Care Technician
    • Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg), Sullivan Campus (Bogalusa)
  19. Pharmacy Technician
    • Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg), Hammond Area Campus, Sullivan Campus (Bogalusa)
  20. Practical Nursing
    • Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg), Hammond Area Campus, Sullivan Campus (Bogalusa)
  21. Veterinary Technology
    • Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg)
  22. Welding
    • Florida Parishes Campus (Greensburg), Hammond Area Campus, Pearl River High School Instructional Service Center, Rayburn Correctional Center, Sullivan Campus (Bogalusa)

Additional Health Science Related Opportunties

All courses, programs, and activities described are subject to cancellation or termination by the College or the Louisiana Community & Technical College Board of Supervisors at any time. The academic regulations and degree requirements are subject to revision during the effective period of this catalog and handbook to reflect changes in board policies, occupational and licensure requirements, and other changes related to the quality of the program.


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