GatorMail - Student

Students are assigned an official NTCC email address usually within a few days after they have registered with the college.


  • Click the "STUDENT OFFICE 365 LOGIN" link below
  • Your Username is the same as your LoLA Username + @My.NorthshoreCollege.Edu  
  • Your Temporary Password is your LoLA ID # with the first letter in "CAPS", follow by your first and last name initials in "lower case". 
    • Example:  If your first name is Gator and your last name is Trax, your LoLA ID # is L01234567 then your
    • temporary password is:  L01234567gt    
  • (NOTICE: Temporary Passwords are only assigned to NEW registered students)


If you cannot access your Student Office 365 email by using the "Student Office 365 Login" link below then please submit a helpdesk ticket by clicking-on the "HELPDESK" link located at the top of the page so we can quickly resolve your issue.


Student Office 365 Login


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