Future Students - Step 3

Step 3: Assess College Readiness

To help evaluate which courses you should take at NTCC, be sure to submit your high school transcript, college transcripts (if applicable), and assessment test scores.

  • Submit high school transcript: If you have earned a high school diploma or completed an equivalency exam, submit your official transcript (or equivalency diploma) to NTCC.

  • Submit college transcripts: If you have earned college credit at another university or college, request an official transcript to be sent to NTCC.

  • Complete the Accuplacer assessment: In order to fully assess college readiness, you will need to complete an Accuplacer assessment. Some students may be exempt from this requirement (including those with acceptable ACT or SAT scores; read more here).

  • For additional information about submitting transcripts and taking the Accuplacer assessment, click here

  • To review your Admissions Checklist on LoLA to see which application documents you need to submit to NTCC, click here.  

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Transcripts and Assessment

To help evaluate which courses you should take in your first semester, be sure to submit high school and/or college transcripts to NTCC and complete the Accuplacer assessment.

Submitting Transcripts

  • Transcripts may be submitted electronically to Northshore at participating colleges and universities. Inquire with your former college or university to find out if electronic transcripts are available.
  • College and high school transcripts can also be mailed address of the campus you plan to attend: Campus Information

Accuplacer Assessment

The Acccuplacer assessment is a tool that helps NTCC evaluate which courses you should take at NTCC. The assessment focuses on the following topics: reading, writing, and math.

  • Taking the Accuplacer exam:
    • The Accuplacer exam is offered at various testing centers throughout NTCC
    • Review where and when testing is offered and information about the exam fee here: Campus Information
    • Be sure to prep for the Accuplacer assessment before taking it: Preparing for the Accuplacer exam

Some students may be exempt from taking the Accuplacer exam:

  • Students with qualifying ACT/SAT scores may be exempt from taking the Accuplacer exam (ACT/SAT scores expire three years after the exam is completed).
  • Students who have previously taken the Accuplacer or COMPASS exam within three years are eligible to transfer these scores to NTCC.
  • Students who have successfully completed certain college level math and English courses may be exempt.
  • To find out whether you need to complete the Accuplacer exam, visit the Student Services office at your NTCC campus.

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