Future Students

Welcome to Northshore Technical Community College

We're excited that you're joining the Gator student community at Northshore Technical Community College! 

Becoming a student at NTCC is easy. Just follow the five steps outlined below.

Before Getting Started: Review a List of Programs (click here)

  • Step 1: Submit Admission Application & Documents (click here)
  • Step 2: Apply for Financial Assistance (click here)
  • Step 3: Assess College Readiness (click here)
  • Step 4: Attend New Student Orientation (click here)
  • Step 5: Secure Payment for Tuition and Fees (click here)

As Classes Begin: Prepare for Success (click here)

Review ​Additional Links and Resources (click here)

*Students enrolling in Adult Education, Workforce Development, and Dual-Enrolled High School Student programs may have different admission steps.  

*Some programs may have additional admission requirements, including the Automotive Tech program and some Health Sciences programs.


Additional Links and Resources:

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