Students in the “Connect to Success” Program can choose from the following transferable courses:

Core Requirements: College Algebra and English Composition I

Natural Sciences:  Introduction to Biology I & II, General Biology I & II (Science Majors), Biology I Lab, Environmental Biology, Anatomy and Physiology I & II, Anatomy and Physiology Lab I & II, Chemistry I (non-science majors), Chemistry Lab I, and Elementary Physics

Behavioral Sciences:  Introduction to Psychology, Psychology of Addictive Behavior and Substance Abuse, and Introduction to Sociology

Humanities: Introduction to Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, English Composition II, British Literature, American Literature, Western Civilization I & II, American History I & II, Louisiana History, World History from the Perspective of Oil, Spanish I & II

Fine Arts:  Introduction to Music, Survey of World Art History I, Beginning Painting, Basic Drawing, and Introduction to Theatre

Electives: Computer Literacy and Applications, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Introduction to Criminal Law, Police Systems and Practices, Introduction to Corrections

Click here for a full list of transferable courses: NTCC/SLU 2016-2017 Transfer Matrix


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