Campus Sexual Violence Prevention Program (Title IX)

Northshore Technical Community College is committed to creating an environment free of sexual violence. The College strives to achieve this goal through prevention and promotion, awareness, survivor support, due process procedures, and referrals to law enforcement. In accordance with the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (Campus SaVE Act) and 2013 Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act, the College is actively working to increase transparency about the scope of sexual violence on campus, guarantee survivors enhanced rights, and provide College-wide prevention educational programming.

Click the link below to view information on our Campus Sexual Violence Prevention Program policy:

Confidential Advisors

To report alleged campus sexual violence offenses or to speak with someone further about our campus policy, you may reach out to a Confidential Advisor at your NTCC campus.  NTCC has a student judicial process for incidents of misconduct involving NTCC students.

Sullivan Campus, Rayborn Correctional Facility, Journeyman Industrial Program

Stephanie Warren
Assistant Director of Student Affairs
985-732-6640 ext. 130

Gail Haydel
Financial Aid VA/ Program Specialist

Florida Parishes Campus

Wilburn (Burke) Jones
Assistant Director of Student Affairs
225-222-4251 ext. 2169

Ginny McElveen
Admin IV
225-222-4251 ext. 2170

Hammond Area Campus

Elizabeth (Beth) Froeba
Assistant Director of Student Affairs
985-543-4120 ext. 137

Errick Baldwin
985-543-4120 ext. 141

Connect to Success Program (SLU)

April Lavergne
Assistant Director of Student Affairs

Sandy Duffourc

Title IX Coordinator
Christy Montgomery
Vice Provost of Student Affairs
985-732-6640 ​ext. 139

Title IX Deputy
Joanna Dillman
Director of Human Resources
985-732-6640 ext. 154

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