• NTCC Chancellor:
    William S. Wainwright, Ph.D.
  • Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs:
    Daniel Roberts, Ph.D.
  • Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration:
    Marc Chauvin
  • Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives:
    Tina Tinney, Ed.D.
  • Vice Provost of Assessment and Planning:
    Sheila Singletary
  • Vice Provost of Student Affairs:
    Christy Montgomery

Academic Deans:

  • Dean, Academics
    Jim Carlson, Ed.D.
  • Dean, Health Sciences & Nursing:
    Kenneth Tillman, Ph.D., RN
  • Dean, Technical Studies:
    Dewayne Lambert

Campus Deans:

  • Dean, Florida Parishes (Greensburg):
    Kim Finch
  • Dean, Hammond Area:
    Bridget Laborde
  • Dean, Sullivan (Bogalusa):
    Shelia Singletary

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